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Cayce Rhayven

  • Speciality: CFO (Canine Fun Organizer)
  • Experience: 2 Years
  • Athletic100%
    Down for a Good Time100%
    Stick Sharing "Get your own!"5%
  • Contact:

I take my responsibilities as K9’s CFO (canine fun organizer) seriously. As soon as the doors to the van open, I stir things up.  Being an avid modern day canine pentathlete I cannot wait to hit the trails with all of my friends for dog paddling, cross country running, cliff diving, squirrel hunting, boxing and the occasional tree climbing. When I am not working, I spend most of my free time looking for shiny reflections on the ceiling.

” If you are not living on the edge then you are taking up too much room ” Cayce Rhayven

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